Journal of Education,
Language, and Ideology

Volume 1, Issue 1

September 2023


The Critical Intersection of Language, Ideology, and Education

Pramod K. Sah, Huseyin Uysal

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Ideologies of Mother Tongue at an Indian University: From Stage to Discussion

Christina P. Davis, Chaise LaDousa

Raciolinguistic Entanglements and Transraciolinguistic Transgressions: A Collaborative Autoethnography of Three South Asian TESOLers in the US

Rashi Jain, Madhukar KC, Tirtha Karki

“We Want Them All to Speak in English … So, no Spanish”: Preservice Teachers’ Language Ideologies Towards Emergent Bilinguals

Marwa Elshafie, Mikel W. Cole, Jie Zhang

Performing Asian Selves for the Teacher Other: Insights from Asian International Students’ Autoethnographies

Nugrahenny T. Zacharias

University Students’ Perceptions of Native and Non-Native English-Speaking Teachers in Pre-Sessional Courses in Vietnam

Thanh-Trung Le Ngoc

The Dominance of Standard English and its Impact on Academia: The Investigation of EAL Researchers’ Submission Experience to English Medium Journals

Wen-Hsin Wang


In Conversations with Scholars on Contemporary Issues and Research Agendas in Language Ideologies

Madhukar KC, Ian Cushing, Sender Dovchin, Nelson Flores, Prem Phyak, Ruanni Tupas, Bedrettin Yazan


Translingual Discrimination, by Sender Dovchin. Cambridge University Press, 2022, 92 pp., USD 22.00 (pbk), ISBN 978-1-009-20973-1

Yuling Chen, Fan Fang

The Politics of English Language Education and Social Inequality: Global Pressures, National Priorities and Schooling in India, by Maya Kalyanpur, Padmini Bhuyan Boruah, Sarina Chugani Molina and Sunaina Shenoy. Routledge, 2023, 220 pp., USD 35.96 (pbk), ISBN 978-0-367-64618-9

Anuja Sarda



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